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Americans and Climate Change Abbasi,Daniel $20.00  
Climate Change and Development Gomez-Echeverri $30.00  
Diversity and the Future of the U.S. Environmental Movement Enderle,Emily $25.00  
Global Environmental Governance: Options & Opportunities Esty,Ivanova $20.00  
Professional Ethics for Natural Resource and Environmental Managers: A Primer Irland,Lloyd $20.00  
Red, White, Blue and Green: Politics and the Environment in the 2004 Election Lyons,Kaplan,Strebeigh,Campbell $20.00  
The Coming Transformation: Values to Sustain Human and Natural Communities Kellert/Speth $25.00  
Toward a New Consciousness: Values to Sustain Human and Natural Communities Leiserowitz/Fernandez $15.00  
Bulletin 098 - Local Heritage in the Changing Tropics: Innovative Strategies for Natural Resource Management and Control Dicum $20.00  
Bulletin 099 - The Ecotourism Equation: Measuring the Impacts Malek-Zadeh $20.00  
Bulletin 100 - Restoration of an Urban Salt Marsh: An Interdisciplinary Approach Casagrande $20.00  
Bulletin 101 - Bridges to Sustainability: Business and Government Working Together for a Better Environment Gomez-Echeverri $20.00  
Bulletin 102 - BILINGUAL DOUBLE ISSUE ENGLISH & FRENCH - Resource Use in the Trinational Sangha River Region of Equatorial Africa: Histories, Knowledge Forms, and Institutions Eves,Hardin,Rupp $40.00  
Bulletin 102 - Resource Use in the Trinational Sangha River Region of Equatorial Africa: Histories, Knowledge Forms, and Institutions Eves,Hardin,Rupp $20.00  
Bulletin 102 - Utilisation des Ressources Naturalles dans la Région Trinationale du Fleuve Sangha en Afrique Equatorial: Histoires, Savoirs et Institutions Eves,Hardin,Rupp $20.00  
Bulletin 103 - Transformation of Middle Eastern Natural Environments: Legacies and Lessons Albert,Bernhardsson,Kenna $35.00  
Bulletin 104 - Developing Sustainable Management Policy for the Elk National Refuge, Wyoming Clark,Casey,Halverson $20.00  
Bulletin 105 - Species and Ecosystem Conservation: An Interdisciplinary Approach Clark,Stevenson,Ziegelmayer,Rutherford $20.00  
Bulletin 106 - Developing Industrial Ecosystems: Approaches, Cases, and Tools Chertow,Portlock $28.00  
Bulletin 107 - Human Population and Freshwater Resources: U.S. Cases and International Perspective Krchnak/Markham/Thorne $20.00  
Report 01 - Silence is Golden, Leaden, and Copper: Disclosure of Material Environmental Information in the Hard Rock Mining Industry Repetto,Robert $15.00  
Report 02 - Gaining Ground Information Database Nolan/Bacher/Moritz $15.00  
Report 03 - The Industrial Symbiosis Research Symposium at Yale: Advancing the Study of Industry and Environment Chertow/Ashton/Kuppalli $12.50  
Report 04 - English - Agroecology and the Struggle for Food Sovereignty in the Americas Cohn/Cook/Fernández/Reider/Steward $20.00  
Report 04 - Spanish - Agroecology and the Struggle for Food Sovereignty in the Americas Cohn/Cook/Fernández/Reider/Steward $20.00  
Report 05 - Breaking Ground: Planning and Building in Priority Growth Districts Stone/Rinesmith/Huot/Nolon/Bacher $20.00  
Report 06 - Protecting Biodiversity: A Guide to Criteria Used by Global Conservation Organizations Gordon/Franco/Tyrrell $20.00  
Report 07 - Can the Anchor Hold: Rethinking the United Nations Environment Programme for the 21st Century Ivanova,Maria $15.00  
Report 08 - Confronting Sustainability: Forest Certification in Developing and Transitioning Countries - Report 08 Cashore/Gale/Meidinger/Newsom $45.00  
Report 09 - Livability and Smart Growth Brooks/Parzen $25.00  
Report 10 - Strategies for Institutionalizing Sustainability in Higher Education Newman/Fernandez $20.00  
Report 11 - From Barriers to Opportunities: Renewable Energy Issues in Law and Policy Parker/Ronk/Gentry/Wilder/Cameron $20.00  
Report 12 - Industrial Symbiosis in Action Lombardi/Laybourn $20.00  
Report 13 - Global Perspectives on Large Dams DiFrancesco/Woodruff $25.00  
Report 14 - Other Voices,OtherWays, Better Practices. Bridging Local and Professional Environmental Knowledge Wilkinson/Clark/Burch $15.00  
Report 15 - Strategies for the Future of Conservation Gentry/Sanborn/Clark $15.00  
Report 16 - How Can Conservation Help? Using Land Conservation to Address Other Economic and Social Issues Gentry,Bradford $15.00  
Report 17 - From Debate to Design: Issues in Clean Energy and Climate Change Law and Policy FES $25.00  
Report 18 - Carbon Finance: Environmental Market Solutions to Climate Change
Cost includes 1 dollar for the Carbon Fund
Garcia/Roberts $31.00  
Report 19- Broadening the Base through Open Space : Addressing Demographic Trends by Saving Land & Serving People Newsom/Gentry $25.00  
Report 20 - Lectures on China's Environment Lee $30.00  
Report 21 - Linking Waste and Material Flows on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii:The Search for Sustainable Solutions Eckelman/Chertow $18.00  
Report 22 - Carbon Finance II:Investing in Forests for Climate Protection Carlson,Garcia,Jahns,Roberts,Schindall $23.00  
Report 23 - Forests and Carbon: A Synthesis of Science, Management and Policy for Carbon Sequestration in Forests Tyrrell/Ashton/Spalding/Gentry $44.00  
Report 24 - Large Scale Conservation: Integrating Science, Management, and Policy in the Common Interest Clark/Hohl/Picard/Newsome $20.00  
Report 25 - Land Conservation and Energy Infrastructure: Threats and Opportunities Gentry/Pickett/DeMarchis $25.00  
Report 26 - From Silos to Systems: Issues in Clean Energy and Climate Change Parker/Maxwell/Gentry/Wilder/Saines/Cameron $20.00  
 Working Papers
Working Paper 01 - Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery in the U.S. and Canada: A Natural Experiment in Fisheries Management Regimes Repetto,Robert $15.00  
Working Paper 02 - Environmental Exposures in the U.S. Electric Utility Industry Repetto/Henderson $10.00  
Working Paper 03 - Young Conservationists and the Future of Protected Areas Worldwide Yale_School_of_Forestry $15.00  
Working Paper 04 - Institutions and the Urban Environment in Developing Countries: Challenges, Trends, and Transitions Linares $15.00  
Working Paper 06 - Multiscale Life-Cycle Assessment Graedel/Lanzano/Pott $15.00  
Working Paper 07 - Inventory and Analysis of Yale University Greenhouse Gas Emissions YCI_Team $15.00  
Working Paper 08 - The Industrial Platinum Cycle for Russia: A Case Study of Materials Accounting Babakina/Graedel $15.00  
Working Paper 09 - Environmental Planning in Sub-Saharan Africa: Environmental Impact Assessment at the Crossroads Kakonge,J. $15.00  
Working Paper 10 - Copper in-Use Stock and Copper Scrap in the State of Connecticut, USA Rauch/Eckelman/Gordon $15.00  
Working Paper 11 - In-Use Stocks of Iron in the State of Conencticut, USA Eckelman/Rauch/Gordono $15.00  
Working Paper 12 - Flow and Fates of Discarded Copper in Sofia, Bulgaria and New Haven CT, USA Dimitrova/Rauch/Gordon/Graedel $15.00  
Working Paper 13 - The Climate Crisis and the Adaptation Myth Repetto,Robert $15.00